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Sno Class Date Topic Time Webinar ID Link
1 VI/VII/VIII 19th May, 2023 Exam success is a marathon, not a sprint. Learn time-tested strategies to cross the finish line with flying colors. Starts at 8:00 PM 81492019379 Completed
2 XI/XII 21st May, 2023 The Map to Academic Victory: Why Regular Assessment is the Compass to Guide You. Starts at 10:00 AM 81184262687 Completed
3 IX/X 21st May, 2023 Why Competing and Cracking Exams is a Game Changer? Discover the Benefits of Exam Success! Starts at 8:00 PM 87546033280 Completed
4 IX/X 25th May, 2023 Unlocking Your True Potential: How Making the Right Choices Leads to Greater Success Starts at 8:00 PM 86946926294 Completed
5 XI/XII 27th May, 2023 Roadblocks and Rewards: Navigating the Journey to IIT Starts at 08:00 PM 81410776955 Completed
6 VI to XII 28th May, 2023 Engineering: A World of Endless Possibilities Starts at 10:00 AM 83212521765 Completed
7 IX/X 31st May, 2023 Mapping Your Future: The Power of Goal Setting in Realizing Your Dreams Starts at 08:00 PM 88283641131 Get Link
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