Webinar Calendar:

Sno Class Date Topic Time Webinar ID Link
1 VI/VII/VIII 08th April, 2023 Super achievers are action driven; learn how you could be one of them Starts at 8:00 PM 84664978564 Get Link
2 IX/X 09th April, 2023 GOAL SETTING- The FIRST step towards SUCCESS Starts at 10:00 AM 81785408985 Get Link
3 IX/X 15th April, 2023 Fingerprints are unique & so are you Starts at 8:00 PM 88448300520 Get Link
4 VI/VII/VIII 16th April, 2023 Procrastination triggers time miss management, learn how to overcome it. Starts at 10:00 AM 86864350219 Get Link
5 XI/XII 16th April, 2023 Targeting IIT, prepare your own roadmap. Starts at 8:00 PM 81232919452 Get Link
6 XI/XII 23rd April, 2023 Challenges on the journey to IIT Starts at 10:00 AM 89689119994 Get Link
* Please join session 10 mins before scheduled time