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Sno Date Topic Time Webinar ID Link
1 30th September, 2023 Mapping Your Future : The Power of Goal Setting Starts at 6:00 PM 88415586086 Completed
2 1st October, 2023 Effective Time Management – the key to success Starts at 4:00 PM 83398454624 Completed
3 7th October, 2023 Start Early : Navigating the Journey to IIT Starts at 6:00 PM 87498332874 Get Link
4 8th October, 2023 The Map to Academic Victory Regular Assessment is the key Starts at 4:00 PM 86922270624 Get Link
5 14th October, 2023 Engineering A World of Endless Possibilitie Starts at 06:00 PM 89332050359 Get Link
6 15th October, 2023 A Good food habit leads to positive mental health Starts at 11:00 AM 82139343041 Get Link
7 21st October, 2023 Start Early – beat competition Starts at 08:00 PM 88069514492 Get Link
8 4th November, 2023 Success is a function of elevated Self Image Starts at 06:00 PM 88568632518 Get Link
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